Mathews County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 15, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

From Gloucester County HP, stay east on 601 until the intersection with VA 198. When 198 crosses the county line, go 3/10 mile and turn right onto VA 3, a.k.a. Windsor Road.

With that said, the area has changed since Fred Lobdell made his initial assault on this peak. There is now a house due north of the HP. To get there, drive 4/10 mile south on VA 3 from Soles and turn right into the long driveway for the "Fluty" residence. Sorry, no number on the mailbox, although it is across from #1406.

There was nobody home but I took the HP to be about 25 yards left of the house. Did a touch and go.