Mecklenburg County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: April 11, 2005
Author: Michael Stinson

The western spot, the one with a 606-foot spot elevation, is now in the middle of an active logging operation. The area around the CoHP is being clear cut. The road (SR 741, Twin Road) leading to the site has been rutted somewhat by logging trucks and equipment and is rough in spots but I could actually drive a bit closer to the CoHP than previously. If you visit any time soon, don't block the logger's roads when you park. Reaching the highpoint now involves a bit of scrambling over logging slash and, unless this particular group of loggers cleans up after themselves better than most, it will in the near future. The actual highpoint itself is not covered with too much debris.

The other two Mecklenburg County spots were as described in Don Desrosier's trip report, though the mileages as measured from US 360 read slightly less on my car's odometer. The well near the point north of VA 47 brought back memories of a couple of cave entrances in KY and IN.