Montgomery County High Point Trip Report

one area on Poor Mtn with lookout (3,760+ ft)

Date: November 17, 2000
Author: Mike Schwartz

See approach for Roanoke County. From the gated road that leads to the Roanoke County high point, continue on the main gravel road 2.0 miles to a 4-way intersection. Go straight across and soon reach a gate. When Ron Tagliapietra visited in March 1999, the gate was open, but it was locked today. There's room to park off the road just below the gate. Ron estimated the distance to the summit at 2.1 miles, but I did the round trip, pushing, in about 40 minutes, so I believe the distance is a bit less. The ramshackle fire tower described by Ron is gone, with only the concrete footings left. I concur with Ron that the highest ground is outside and in front of the fence.