Norfolk City High Point Trip Report

one tiny area 1/3 mile southeast of Ocean View (45+ ft)

Date: January 15, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

See my separate trip report for the other two 45+ foot areas about 1 1/4 miles northwest on the Norfolk North quadrangle.

This area is located east of the Ocean View Golf Course. From US 60/Ocean View Avenue, go inland two blocks on either Chesapeake Street or Atlantis Street to Virginia Avenue, which is barricaded at the hill on either side. From the Chesapeake side, a use path to the top is posted, but from the looks of the path and amount of trash on the hill, the posting is widely ignored. From the Atlantis side, a sandy use path leads over a collapsed chain link fence more directly to the summit. Parking is easier on the Chesapeake side.

The hill is suspiciously close to the golf course, and could be the dirt excavated when the golf course was built. However, judging by the size of the trees on top, the hill is many years old.