Norfolk City Highpoint Trip Report

three areas (45+ ft)

Date: February 22, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

I did this one at first light. There is nobody up at that time.

From I-64, get off at exit 273 and head northeast toward US 60. There should be a school on your right with a road down the side. Otherwise, turn right onto 60, then right at the light on Mason Creek, first right onto Government and park near the ball field.

The two points are fenced in by the Ocean View Maritime School and the Norfolk Environmental Commission (804-531-3105). If you go clockwise around the fence, near the corner of Staten Street and Third View Street (see previous paragraph), there is a gate that really should be shut tighter. I thought the eastern point was slightly higher.

For the area near the golf course, stay east on US 60 and turn right onto Chesapeake "STREET". The road at the light at 194 is Chesapeake "BLVD". Park wherever you can find a space and climb the hill to the highest point. Lots of trash.

Route 194 takes you back to the interstate.