Northampton County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 31, 2007
Author: Fred Lobdell

This was a re-visit for me. I visited this area during the last millennium armed only with a map and compass and am not completely sure I got to the HP. So I tried it again, this time with a GPS unit and Mike Schwartz's trip report.

Mike's report is, as usual, excellent and entirely accurate. Conditions are unchanged since his report of February 28, 2001. It is apparent that the tiny 70-foot contour has been excavated away but, as Mike noted, there are high areas on both sides of the excavation. These areas are likely included within the 65-foot contour, hence my using that elevation at the top of this report. The two high bumps on either side of the excavation are quite obvious. These conditions may not prevail forever; there is a "For Sale" sign in front of the lot on the south side of the excavation.