Northumberland County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 4, 2004
Authors: Fred Lobdell, Mike Schwartz, Don Desrosiers

Area 1 (southernmost point near "LAN" in Northumberland on topo): From the last Lancaster HP, go back to VA 600 (Lara Road) and turn right (north). Go 4/10 mile to the county line and zero odometer. In 6.8 miles, pass VA 601. Go for approximately 1.5 miles just past several small houses and turn into old woods track on right (straight ahead posted by paper companies). Walk back south for 75 yards or so to the first house. HP was next to the double trunk oak tree.

Area 2 (south of 148 spot elevation): Continue north on 602. HP was next to mailbox #195 at old white house (just past Deer Gap Road).

Area 3 (at 148 spot elevation): Continue on 602 and park at dirt VA 604 heading west. HP was in the field to the east. Near the pole is as good as any.

Area 4 (at Mulch): Back onto 602 and turn left onto Dodlyt Road (VA 604). We found the reference point for Mulch and a witness post but the actual BM has probably been plowed over in the field. The HP looked to be at the edge of the yard for #580 (J.R. Bowles) near the small cemetery (not shown on topo.). There was nobody home.

Area 5 (large northern area): HP looked to be next to the mailbox #4293 at the house closest to the road on the topo. One could argue for the middle of the road since the area across the street in Richmond County was clearly higher.

No idea which of the five areas was the highest.