Orange County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 2, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

Tried to figure out who owned this silly hill but got fed up after going to half a dozen houses around the base and finding nobody home on a Saturday morning. Finally just used Dale Millsap's directions and drove up to the Carter house. The very green house was being painted so it will be a less-prominent landmark. The dirt road looks like a driveway but it is the only road there. Fortunately, I met (I presume) Mrs. Carter. She had no problem with my climbing to the top. She didn't know exactly who owned it but believed it was "some folks over on the other side of the hill".

My dog and I started up the hill. About 50 feet into the woods there is an old, overgrown woods road that takes you up to about the 1000-foot level. At that point it is an easy bushwhack to the top. Walked around a bit until satisfaction was accomplished.

On the way back down I noticed a "No Trespassing" sign. The property owner was noted as Monteith Properties. I presumed that they were located at Montieth Farm, the farm next to Aerie Farm when heading toward Gordonsville. I stopped there on my way out to ask but nobody was home. I leave this as an exercise for the next walker.

Maybe 1/2 hour round trip.