Orange County Highpoint Trip Report

Cowherd Mtn (1,197 ft)

Date: September 19, 2008
Author: Fred Lobdell

I followed previous trip reports, which proved entirely accurate. The owner of the last house on the dirt road had no problems with my leaving my car there while I did the hike. He said that he had seen "four or five" of us over the past few years, so wasn't entirely surprised by my appearance.

Following Don Desrosiers's report, I hiked up the old woods road much of the way and, when that petered out, bushwhacked to the summit plateau. Right where I stepped out onto the summit area was an outcrop that rose two or three feet above the surrounding ground; this may even be the true HP. I followed my GPS unit across relatively flat ground toward the spot elevation until the ground started descending in front of me. I then wandered around placing my foot at the base of a number of large trees before invoking the Rule of Schweiker and calling it good.

My descent was made more interesting by my uncertainty as to which ridge I ought to descend. I moved from one to another two or three times while the uncertainty remained. Eventually a glint of reflected sunlight through the trees revealed to me one of the more rewarding sights any descending hiker has: the vehicle that got him there.