Petersburg City Highpoint Trip Report

four areas (180+ ft)

Date: October 7, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

This one is right off the interstate so I am surprised nobody has gotten it yet. There have been some changes in the area since the map was published but you should be able to figure them out. You can get to this one easily enough from the Prince George HPs but the directions get a shade hairy for this forum.

Take I-85 to Exit 65, Squirrel Level Road going south. At the first light, turn right onto Defense Road. Take the 2nd right onto Al's Avenue (yes, it really is named that). At the T at Parkview, turn right. I thought the HP of the northernmost area was either in the yard of #2510 or on the corner of the house just across on Al's.

Continue east on Parkview. The HP of the northeast area was to the left of #2313.

Take Parkview west to the end. Go left onto 142 (Simpson) and turn onto the dirt road at the intersection. This takes you to the 185 area. About 3/10 mile down the dirt road, there is a large fenced in area with a mansion facade and a lot of telephone poles. No clue why. I hopped the fence and went to the obvious highest point. Could be man-made or man-enhanced.

For the southernmost area (the 184 area), go back to the paved road and turn east (right). At the light on Squirrel Level, turn right and stay on Squirrel Level when it bears right at the first street. The dead-end road shown on the map is very overgrown and has a wire strung across it. Walk through the area until you are satisfied. The long, shallow excavated areas are trenches from the 1860's. Note also that a case could be made for the open area to the right of #2310.