Pittsylvania County High Point Trip Report

Smith Mtn (2,038 ft)

Date: June 22, 2002
Author: Ryan Bowles

From the junction of VA 40 and US 29 in Gretna, go west on 40 about 12 miles to the intersection with Smith Mountain Road. Zero your odometer.

0.0 Turn right on Smith Mountain Road.
1.0 Turn right on Jasmine Road.
2.7 Turn left on the obvious well-used dirt road leading to the summit.
2.8 Reach a gate. The gate was open when I was there, and it looks like it is usually open. My best guess is that it is always open during the summer, but closed in hunting season and winter. If it's closed, start walking.
4.8 Pass a locked gate leading to a radio tower.
5.2 Pull off at the obvious summit area. The HP is in the woods close to the pullout. The BM with witness post is very obvious, and very close to the HP.

I continued along the dirt road to see if there was a good view at the end. It was a long distance, 2-3 miles, and all I got was a mediocre view of the lake, but as it's the only one available, it might be worth visiting.