Poquoson City Highpoint Trip Report

multiple areas (10+ ft)

Date: December 11, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

This updates Chip Clark and Don Desrosiers' reports. Thanks to their efforts, Poquoson can be done in a long day. Waterproof boots and briar-proof clothing will make your day slightly more enjoyable. There is no ideal order for doing the many areas. My strategy was to do the more difficult points first, namely those near the Victory Christian Center, and leave the easy ones for later, in case darkness loomed. Development is underway or imminent at some areas, so Poquoson will remain a work in progress. Many areas require either asking permission or doing a quick touch-and-run into a front, side, or backyard. Almost all areas are so flat as to be unrecognizable without GPS telling you where you are. I used the AAA "Virginia Peninsula" street map, which showed all but the very newest streets. Don't attempt Poquoson without such a map. Areas not mentioned require no comments from me.

Areas 1 and 2: The overgrown, swampy field beyond the Victory Christian Center is heavily posted. I stopped at the office and got permission without problem. I found Chip's ATV trail, which has devolved into a several-inches deep water course. The briars were so bad everywhere else that I sloshed down the trail in my non-waterproof boots. After reaching area 2, I should have continued east to area 29 but had not recorded the coordinates. Rather than retrace my steps, I followed a ribboned path south to Little Florida Road and returned to the Christian Center via roads. I suggest doing area 2 directly from the road and doing area 1 from the Center.

Areas 3-5: Access from the Bayside Convalescent Center per Chip.

Areas 8 and 9: See Chip/Don reports for slightly different takes on these points in a development. Houses obviously sit on berms but are located within the contours. Good choices as any.

Areas 10-15: I felt that the large oak tree in area 12 mentioned by Don was the highest point of these several areas.

Area 19: Looks like a depression contour to me.

Areas 20 and 21: The new roads in the large development afford easy access to these areas. The land has been extensively disturbed and no relief is evident.

Area 23: A new road, Volunteer Trail, runs along or inside the southeast side of the area. Development in progress.

Area 27: Noticeable rise in the road, which looked as high as the area inside the contour.

Area 28: This area is between Terrace and Hudgins. I found other reports confusing and GPS verified I was in the right place.

Area 29: Can be approached from area 2, from the auto wholesaler lot on Wythe Creek or, as I did it, bushwhacking due north about 1/4 mile from Little Florida Road. There are surveyor's ribbons everywhere and a realty sign at the road, so it appears that extensive development is imminent. All approaches are very wet, and relief is negligible.

Area 30: Not a true 10+ foot area, as the USGS benchmark is five feet up on the wall of the school. It can be found some thirty feet east of the southeast corner of the building, and five feet above ground. The disk is visible from the street.

Area 33: GPS placed the contour in the open lot to the right of house #31.

Area 36: As Chip noted, this area is behind #100 Treis Trail. It's also about 200 feet behind #409 Willards Way. If you drive around to the cul-de-sac on Champions Path, there is parking and open access to the woods, neither of which is available on Treis or Willards. Follow use paths through open woods most of the way to the liner highpoint, about 0.12 mile distant.

Area 37: GPS placed this liner at the back end of the sawmill. Approach through the fairly open woods from Elliot Road.