Prince George County Highpoint Trip Report

thirteen areas (170+ ft)

Dates: October 7, 2004 and February 22, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

Due to a small matter of self-Olsonization, it was determined that there were more than 10 areas as was originally suspected. Thus, the revisit. It sort of messes up the numbering scheme but you should be able to figure things out.

From I-95, take exit 48B (Wagner Road) west. At US 301, turn right then left at the light for Flank Road (across from Food Lion Plaza). There should be a small sign for Richard Bland College. In 2 miles, turn left onto Route 629 at the 4-way stop.

Areas 1 and 2 are down the driveway to the left at the curve. The homeowner was amused with why I was there but let me proceed. It helps to have a clipboard, an official looking shirt, a GPS, and a set of VDOT maps. Plus, I knew there was a cemetery on the map (in the woods behind the house). Area 1 HP was in the small field north of the cemetery just along the woods, while area 2 HP was to the south of the house on the lawn. It is all fairly flat, though.

Area 3 is to the southeast of areas 1 and 2, on the horseshoe shaped dirt road. The northern terminus is gone but the southern end can be found about 2/10 mile down 629. It is overgrown and the house shown on the topo is long gone. I found a lot of English Ivy (which says house) back there and the general vicinity of the 174 point. No obvious high ground, so wander a bit.

Area 4 is across 629 on the west side. A new house is being constructed on the site but they left in a big cedar tree which I felt was the highest point. Note from the February 22nd trip: The house is going up fast but the cedar tree is still there. You can see it from the road.

Area 11 to the north of the intersection of 629 and 628. There is a plain white mailbox at the corner of the very rutted dirt driveway. The HP was back on the right behind the barn/shed. (February 22nd trip)

Area 12 is farther along 629 at #1412. I vote for about half way up the driveway on the right. (February 22nd trip)

Areas 5 is the larger area enclosing "Prince" on the map. I started on this one then figured I would get to it later. Good plan, as it turned out.

Areas 6 and 7 are in the middle of a golf course. Return to Flank Road and turn left. At the stop sign, turn left onto 608 then the first left into the Country Club of Petersburg. I went into the pro shop and threw myself on their mercy. The Pro and his assistant looked at the map and discussed it in great detail. Their conclusion was that I wanted the 10th and 11th holes. They lent me a golf cart and just asked that I not disturb anyone playing golf. I agree with their assessment but the area has been sufficiently disturbed that telling exactly where the HP of 6 and 7 is an iffy proposition. By the same token, I measured each hole for them and the bunkers on the 15th hole are the highest thing and look to be just under 180. Unfortunately, they are artificial.

When I got back to my car, I started to look around. The area next to the pool and tennis courts looked interesting and it contained some good sized trees. Hmmm, I'm thinking, this is the HP of area 5!

Area 13 (small area in there someplace). Since I can only figure out where this one is in a general sense, I walked the edge of the contour just to make sure I hit it. The area near the tennis courts is clearly the highest thing in the area, so this one can safely be ignored. (February 22nd trip)

Continue south on 608 for 2.0 miles and turn right onto VA 622. Area 8 is the large area on the county line. This turned out to not be as bad as I had feared. Across from #12875 there is a small gated dirt road on the south side of the field (soybeans this year). Take it back to the corner of the field and take a compass bearing of about 210 (magnetic). This will take you to a slightly raised area that I think is the HP.

Area 9 (173 ft elevation) should be on the left side of #13390 just into the woods near the power line.

Area 10 (178 ft elevation): Continue south on 622 and turn left onto VA 677 (Hunters Run Drive), not shown on the map. This pretty much points right at the point in question. I thought it was behind #848 and was fairly obvious. Maybe 15 minutes round-trip to bushwhack.

The 178 ft area is probably the highest area but I cannot prove it.