Prince William County High Point Trip Report

Bull Run Mountains - BM Jackson (1,279 ft)

Date: June 5, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

From I-66, exit 40, take US 15 north. Multiple towers soon become visible ahead and to the left on Bull Run Mountain. About 5 3/4 miles north of the interstate, go left (west) onto CR 701/Logmill Road. Go 1.5 miles and turn right onto CR 600, then left onto Ridge Road at 2.3 miles. Follow Ridge Road and park about 100' below a locked gate at 3.8 miles. This gate is posted and secured with 25 locks; count 'em, a new personal record! The summit is a 75 ft gain, five minute hike. Boulders near one of the microwave towers look natural and highest. I found no BM.

My impression is that legitimate hikers would not be chased. There are houses along the road, right up to the gate, and local residents surely must walk the road. There is a partially overgrown road beyond the towers that may provide unposted access to the summit, but I didn't search for its terminus.