Pulaski County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas on Walker Mtn - one with spot elevation 3,699 ft

Date: September 20, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

Bill Schuler's directions are fine. If coming from Pulaski, the signs for VA 99 west sort of disappear as you head out of town. Follow the signs and when you reach a T or four-way intersection with Randolph Avenue, turn right and follow it out of town. On the outskirts, you'll eventually pass a sign noting the route number change from 99 to 738. Then follow 738 for several miles to the mountain crest and parking pullout.

The ridge bushwhack is almost entirely through open woods, with an obvious use path almost always visible. About 400 feet before the easternmost 3,680 feet contour, you'll pass the rock circle mentioned by Fred Lobdell. Note that this precedes the first bump and not the one with the 3,699-foot spot elevation, as verified by GPS. At the first bump, the fifteen-foot high boulder is climbable to a point where one can reach a hand to the top. Getting on top was beyond my bouldering skills. In this small contour, the boulder probably does not get much over 3,685 feet.

Continue on to the middle contour, crowned by numerous boulders, especially to the north, and a rhododendron thicket. Hard to say whether the boulders to the north are in Pulaski County since the boundary line presumably follows the ridge midline. Do your best to stand on highest ground. Continuing west, there is a noticeable drop-off from the middle area and a definite rise to the westernmost contour.