Radford City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 18, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

In what was clearly a case of identity theft in order to post bogus information so as to sow dissention within the group, I too followed "Fred's" directions to the "Radford HP". The quality of the information was so obviously not up to Fred's standards, I should have been suspicions immediately, but noooooo. Now, however, I have spoken with what I know to be the real Fred Lobdell and am fully confident that the correct info has been posted.

Fred's directions are spot on. About the only problem I had was finding the gravel road to the cemetery. I knew where it was supposed to be and still missed it. The silly thing looks enough like a driveway that it is easy to miss. If you get to Wadsworth Street (on the left) or Smith Street (on the right), you just missed it. It runs on the left side of #514, a light yellow house with a maroon ramp in front. Unfortunately, the house number is on the gravel road side of the house. The cemetery is seriously overgrown but the water tower is quite obvious.

Follow your nose up the ridge. Maybe 25 minutes round trip.