Rappahannock County High Point Trip Report

The Pinnacle (3,730 ft)

Date: October 6, 1999
Author: John Garner

Conditions: Clear, 48 F
Hike: 1.6 miles, 400 foot gain

Route: Take Skyline Drive in Shenandoah NP. Near mile marker 36, find Mt Marshall Overlook. Park. Walk down through meadow at N end of parking area, find AT entering forest. Alternative, find access trail along edge of road about 50 yd N of overlook. Hike along AT to summit area, about 0.8 miles, 400' gain.

HP Description: Two different areas on topo. Easiest is to hike along trail until it tops out, then along flat part of trail for about 100 yards. Reach an opening on left side of trail, w/rock outcroppings. Top of rock is HP of this contour area. To reach other area, walk back to highest point of trail, then bushwhack up to highest visible area. First HP is nice, with open view to W. Second is in trees and brush.

View: At farther summit, very nice view of Shenandoah valley 3000' below. Nearer summit area, no view.

Comments: Unless you are a martyr, or an idiot, or some fool who just HAS to hit the exact HP, don't bother with nearer HP. Lots of brambles, OUCH! I did it in shorts, and have the scars to prove it. PS - w/ field observation, I could not tell which was higher. There are too many trees to use a hand level or other instrument. The only way would be to do a full blown survey.