Richmond County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 9, 2006
Authors: Don Desrosiers, Fred Lobdell, and Mike Schwartz

Mike and Fred were off to finish MD (for Fred) and put a world of hurt into VA (for Mike), so we figured we might as well get the last remaining bit of white space in the Northern Neck out of the way. We met at the Wally World in Tappahannock. From there it is a fairly straight shot to the Singerly area.

Area #1 - Northernmost area on 624. The house on the area was for sale, so we shopped for some real estate. Highest point was fairly obvious.

Area #3 - Largest area to the east of 624/638 intersection. The dirt road has been improved and someone is constructing a house in the general neighborhood. Relief is subtle but there. On the good side, this spot is clearly the highest thing of any of the six areas near this intersection. Don believes this is the true HP.

Area #8 - Intersection of 624 and 693 (Carter Town Road). Probably not the true HP but you drive right by it and the highest ground is only about 10 feet off of the paved road. Plus, there is no way to get a good view of anything else.

Area #9 - At Historyland Nursery. Follow signs to the office. Highest ground appeared to be near the building. Mike felt this was the true HP. Fred seemed to be leaning that way but did not fully commit.

Area #11 - Intersection of 624 and Turkey Trot Road. Lower than area #12 but it was easy to get to, so we did. Met with the homeowner who wondered why we hadn't brought him any money to bag this peak. We left him a copy of the topo instead.

Area #12 - Southernmost area. Right next to 624. Clearly higher than the small area across the street. Looked to be higher than area #11 but we didn't rigorously scope it out.

Thus, we have reduced this county from 13 candidate points to 6, with only 4 of them being serious contenders. We were back in Tappahannock about 2-1/2 hours after leaving.