Richmond City High Point Trip Report

two areas 1/8 mile north and 3/8 mile northwest of Old Gun (370+ ft)

Date: September 12, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

On the topo, see the five-way intersection just south of Old Gun. From the large, curving major road, which is Huegenot Road/VA 147, turn north onto Old Gun Road, about 0.3 mile northeast of St. Edwards School. This is the middle of the three roads shown going to the five-way intersection from Huegenot Road. For the closer area, go right at the five-way onto Duryea Road, pass Methodist and Mormon Churches, and turn left onto the road shown on the topo in less than 0.2 mile. This semi-private access road leads to the houses shown on the map, and was not posted. Take the right fork shown, which leads over the highest portion of the closed contour. I thought the highest ground was near a large tree alongside the road, in the vicinity of the largest brick house in the area.

For the second area, to the northwest, backtrack to the five-way intersection and go right onto Old Gun Road, following the curves as shown on the topo. Turn right onto the dirt road shown as crossing Old Gun Road just south of the 370-foot contour. This is really a driveway serving several houses and is marked by mailbox #320. Circle around to the right and then left, back to Old Gun Road. Highest ground appears to be alongside the driveway or on the lawn adjacent to a large white house nearest to the north junction of the driveway with Old Gun Road.