Rockbridge County Highpoint Trip Report

Rocky Mtn

Date: March 25, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

I felt like I was in a Bergmann movie all weekend. Very thick fog with little to zero views. I kept expecting Max von Sydow to materialize in front of me dressed as the Knight of Death.

Previous directions and a map are pretty good but a slight bit of clarification wouldn't hurt.

Turn off of US 60 onto County 634, Coffeytown Road (not 624 as noted in one report). This road is 18.4 miles west of the intersection of US 29 and US 60 in Amherst or 1.0 mile west of the Appalachian Trail crossing of US 60 and signed for Mount Pleasant. Zero your odometer.

Drive 1.6 miles to the "Y" in the road where the pavement will end and go left. In 3.0 miles, bear right at the fork just past the cemetery, still on Coffeytown Road. At 4.3 miles, go straight onto FS 63 (and end of state maintenance). At 7.0 miles, turn left onto Wiggins Spring Road at the 4 way intersection in Salt Log Gap (not a "T" as previously reported). Immediately pass through a gate. If your car can make the next mile, getting to the top is easy. I parked and walked the last 3/4 mile not because of the road but because of the fog. I couldn't see much more than 20 feet and figured that walking couldn't be any worse.

There are some large rocks at the top that I took for the HP. Obviously, no views for me.

Approximately 35 minutes round-trip.