Salem City Highpoint Trip Report

unnamed area (1,460+ ft)

Date: May 5, 2005
Author: Fred Lobdell

I followed Mike Schwartz's directions for this one, and found them to be generally accurate, with some corrections. After turning right onto West Main Street, the turn onto Diuguids Lane occurs after a mile or so. The turn onto West Riverside is more than a half mile from the previous intersection; it is the first left after crossing the river. 12 O'Clock Knob Road is at least 2 miles down West Riverside. After that, Mike's distances are generally pretty good.

I knocked at the side door of Jason's house but got no response. Based on Mike's description of Jason's attitude, I felt that he wouldn't mind my parking there for a few minutes while I went to the HP. Where Mike says a use path goes south down the ridge line, he really means that it goes northeast down the ridge line. I found the green wooden stake and orange surveyor's ribbon that Mike mentioned and concur with him that this may well be the city line. The next person to visit this one should try to confirm this with a GPS unit, if he has one. Like Mike, I went further down the ridge almost to the saddle. There are some woods roads in the area, including one that looks fairly new. This HP may be approachable from the city side but I leave it to someone else to pursue that investigation.