Southampton County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 27, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

1 small area 1/2 mile east of Green Plain (140+ ft)

From the Southampton/Greensville County line, go east 2 1/4 miles on US 58 to CR 711. Go north 0.9 miles on 711 to where it turns left just before the railroad tracks. The unimpressive high ground is in the adjacent field.

3 areas 2 1/2 miles NE and 2 miles SW Persons Church (140+ ft)

The single southwestern area is the tiny area shown on the map 7/10 mile west of BM with elevation 122 feet. It only shows as a speck on Topozone.

Approach: From US 58, just east of the CR 711 turnoff, go SE on CR 615/Hicks Ford Road. Go right at 1.7 miles onto CR 662/Ivey Tract Road. Reach a gated dirt road, posted by a hunting club at 5.4 miles. This is the road shown at BM 108' (not found). Reach a farm road at 7.3 miles at box #29354. This is the road shown at spot elevation 112. Take this decent farm road past abandoned farm buildings and trailer, around the bends shown on the map, to 8.0 miles, where a grassy path leads into the woods. This appears to be the jeep trail shown on the topo (verified by a local), as the farm road continues more westerly in the non-forested area. Walking the path soon led to the apparent south end of the gated dirt road mentioned above. Most of the area is now cleared by logging. The only significant rise is just to the left of the grassy path where it enters the woods, but it looks man-made. I wandered the area for about a half hour and found no other high ground. The whole area is very disturbed, and the original high ground may have been obliterated.

For the two areas to the NE, backtrack to CR 662, turn right, and go 1.0 miles a left turn onto CR 653/Little Texas Road. Turn left at 4.5 miles onto CR 659/Pinopolis Road, which turns left at 5.6 miles and becomes Drewry Road. Reach a brick house on the left at 7.1 miles, just before the crossroads shown on the map. From the crossroads, go left on a farm road, past silos and a kennel, to a rise on the left, just before a downgrade. High ground is in piney woods just to the right. Backtrack toward the crossroads and see the eastern high area in the field to the right. If doing these areas in reverse order, the crossroads is 2.2 miles south of US 58 on CR 659.