Southampton County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 7, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

Area 1 - Small area in the corner of the road is obvious. Planted in soybeans this year. I also investigated the just to the northwest, north of the railroad tracks. If it gets over 140 feet, it does so just barely. It could be intended to be a depression but the ground gently rises. Either way, it is lower than the small area.

Area 2 (small speck area west of 122 BM) - The farm road at the 108 spot elevation was gated so I had to walk. No big deal. About 20 minutes each way, which leads me to suspect that Mike Schwartz's mileage numbers may have been slightly off (more about that later). The houses mentioned in his report are gone but the place is trivial to find. I got to the area where the point should have been, around (36° 37.578' N, 77° 21.787' W), but found nothing of significance. With that said and having gone there, I do not believe a point much over 130 feet exists in this location (much less 140+). I have at least three issues with it.

  1. Visually - If you do the numbers on this one, this point rises at least 10 feet in the space of about 30 feet. You aren't going to miss something like that, even in these woods.

  2. Geologically - The soil in that area is very sandy. It will not sustain a hill of the size noted on the topo. It would have eroded away long ago if it were not already removed by logging or farming operations.

  3. Cartographically - I have looked at a paper map on this one and brought along my trusty magnifying glass. The elevation line inside the 130 line is not complete. It may have been intended as a small depression which makes some sense with point 1 and 2 (above). This quad has some other "interestingness" as noted below.

I couldn't find the 108 BM either but suspect it should be due north of where it is shown on the map. The road is too close to the 100 foot contour.

For the two areas to the northeast, follow Mike's directions except add 2 miles to each figure. If you are thinking of investigating the area 3/10 mile southwest of the 133 BM (7.6 miles), forget it. The point is a badly drawn depression, not a 140 ft contour. I thought the eastern area was a shade closer to the house. The field was planted in cotton this year.