Spotsylvania County High Point Trip Report

four areas (540+ ft)

Date: October 6, 2002
Author: Ryan Bowles

All four areas are along 601/ Lawyers Rd. south of Paytes. From the intersection of Routes 22 and 522, go east 3 miles. Turn right on Route 608. Go 3.5 miles and turn right on Route 608. After 2.3 more miles, turn right on Lawyers Road. Areas are listed north to south.

Area 1: Park at the corner of 601 and Hicks Rd. The HP is along the fence row between two houses east of the intersection. The southern landowner, on whose land I felt the HP was, was friendly. The northern landowner was not home.

Area 2: Just south of Hicks Road. on the right. The HP is a liner along the backyard of a new mobile home under contract. This area is clearly lower than area 1.

Area 3: At the intersection of 601 and 651/ Tatum Road. The HP is in the yard of the house at the northeast corner. The owner is friendly.

Area 4: Just north of the intersection of 601 and Granite Springs Road. At the north end of the fence on the eastern side of 601, go east through a small field at the edge of the woods. The HP is at a raised area just into the woods beyond the field, and contains an impressive collection of beer bottles.