Stafford County High Point Trip Report

spot elevation three miles north-northwest of Lunga Reservoir (467 ft)

Date: January 8, 2004
Author: Michael Schwartz

I was not able to reach the highpoint, located on the Quantico Marine Base, but was able to establish points-of-contact for future visits.

From I-95 take exit 143B onto CR 610 west, Garrisonville Road. Go one mile and turn right (northwest) onto Onville Road. Reach the gate of the Quantico Marine Base in 1.4 miles and see a red brick building just ahead on the right. That is the Range Management Office (RMO), which controls access to the highpoint, and should be your first stop.

At RMO I visited with Seargents O'Connor and Pallo, who were both congenial, and told them of my plans. The 467-foot spot elevation is shown on their large wall map, and is some 15 minutes from RMO. On this date there were hunters in the area, which prevented me from gaining access. I was told that Sunday is usually a quiet day, but to call a few days ahead to arrange access. RMO telephone is 703-784-5321/2. Visitors will either be escorted to the highpoint or given the keys for the gate(s) passed en route and sent on their own. Tell RMO that the highpoint is in Training Area 11A, at grid location 826 by 726-728. The sergeants felt that even civilian visitors (no decal or i.d.) would be allowed through the gate to visit RMO, but I would ask them to verify that when you call to arrange a visit. Not being allowed through the gate could necessitate a visit to the main side of the base, miles away across I-95, to obtain a visitor pass.

Will follow up on this report when I actually visit the highpoint.