Stafford County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 19, 2005
Authors: Fred Lobdell, Mike Schwartz, and Don Desrosiers

Since we were unable to arrange a suitably rainy day (see our November 6, 2004 trip report to the Northern Neck), we were forced to endure a bright and sunny trip. While confused, we muddled on.

This county will take pre-planning and flexibility. This point is located on a working military base so access may be limited at times due to training requirements. Access might require a formal written request for access (Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Base Quantico, 3250 Catlin Avenue, Suite 212, Quantico, VA 22134) but you might start with a call to the Range Management Office (703-784-5321). Weekends work slightly better but they may be able to slip you in at other times. At all times the USMC folks were great to work with.

Gary Matthews, the base Range Control Officer, drove us out to the site. We started at the RMO and the specific route WILL vary depending on operations that day. Thus, our directions start at the intersection with the paved road to the northwest of the HP at the 437 spot elevation, on the Prince William side of the HP.

Walk approximately 1/2 mile down gravel Route 617 until you get to a dirt road to the left at the benchmark (with a slightly better gated dirt road about 30 yards farther east). We found the witness post and the benchmark (David). From there it is a straight shot north to the HP. The ground has been torn up over the years so the specific point is open to interpretation but it appeared to be slightly south of the 467 SE mark on the topo.

Once again, a great thanks to the USMC. Mr. Matthews was great to escort us on his day off. We tried to infuse him with the COHP bug. Hopefully, we succeeded.