Staunton City High Point Trip Report

Betsey Bell with USGS BM and city park (1,940+ ft)

Date: February 16, 2002
Author: Dale Millsap

Mike Schwartz gave a great trip report, so I will only add a little extra information. Just past the dead end sign on Betsey Bell Road, take a left turn through a gate with a single orange chain onto the road for Betsey Bell Wilderness Park. It is closed dusk to dawn, so plan accordingly. It's a gravel road, in very good shape for any vehicle, and it curves around the hill to the top where there is a turnaround. There are some picnic facilities, not well maintained.

The concrete marker Mike mentioned is still there, but the BM has been removed. The lookout is made of wood and affords nice views because a swath has been cut in the forest below. There are two aluminum stadium benches above the lookout, facing out to the southeast. Painted on the brown deck of the lookout is a big red heart with the words "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." Whatever.

I also found a gravel road going down to the southeast and around the hill, but I didn't follow it to it's terminus. I would guess it probably ties in with Bell Street on the US 250 side of the hill, but it hasn't been maintained very well so you'll scratch up a vehicle taking that route.