Suffolk City High Point Trip Report

three areas 1/8 mile W to 3/4 mile N Olive Branch Church (100+ ft)

Date: February 27, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

From the Suffolk City/Southampton County line on VA 189 go east 1.5 miles to a right turn onto CR 666/Gates Road. For the northern area, high ground appeared to be at the 1.9 mile point, 200 yards east of the road in a stubble peanut field, just south of a new home under construction. For the middle area, continue south to the junction with Wildwood Drive. Southwest of the junction is high ground in the middle of the field, with a single gravestone for a Virginia Confederate soldier. The stone gives a Virginia infantry unit designation, but the date of birth is shown as 1863, which makes no sense. Along Gates Road, past the intersection is BM 102, easily located between two white houses, next to the road. For the southern area, continue south and bear right at the fork onto CR 745 (2.5 mile point). See high ground on the right, near a brick house and farm buildings, whose driveway is the track road shown on the topo. The driveway crests about 150' before the house at high ground.