Suffolk City Highpoint Trip Report

four areas (100+ ft)

Date: February 22, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

I believe there are four areas over 100 feet, not three.

The road numbers shown on the topo are not in agreement with the signs put up by VDOT. I'm going with the signs.

From Southampton/Suffolk line on VA 189, go 1.5 miles east and turn left onto CR 666 (shown as both 666 and 615 on the map). For the northern area, I concur with Mike Schwartz that the highest ground is south of the house.

Continue south on 666 and park at the intersection of 666 and 746 (topo shows this as 666). Mike reports this is Wildwood Drive but I did not see a sign. There is a very small area to the north of this intersection, just into the woods. I had originally thought it was a remnant of when the road was put through but I now think it is too far back for that. Either way, the point does rise distinctly and is higher than the area immediately east across 666.

The middle point is in the middle of the field near the strange grave. Stand in front of #10045 and walk perpendicular to the road into the field and you should come to it. Like everyone else, I can make no sense of the inscription.

I concur that the southern area is about 2/3 of the way up the driveway. Drag your foot.