Surry County Highpoint Trip Report

25 points (130+ ft)

Date: March 30, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

Note: All coordinates use the NAD27 datum.

When you get down to things, there are 25 points in this county. Relying on Delorme in this county will get you lost. A number of the roads therein are gated, which will cause difficulty. I strongly recommend getting the official VDOT map for this county (or get the whole set for $25). You will have to walk more in this county than might otherwise be anticipated. All woods were overgrown or logged. With the briars, long pants are recommended. Due to the lack of relief, a GPS is pretty much mandatory.

five points near Surry (Surry and Runnymeade Quads)

Point #1 (37:07:36,76:48:55): From the intersection of VA 31 and VA 10 in the city of Surry, go east on 10 for 1.2 miles to #1188. The HP is in the field behind the gazebo.

Points #2 (37:07:32,76:48:55), #3 (37:07:31,76:48:57), and #4 (37:07:33,76:49:13): From point #1, stay east on VA 10 and turn right onto County 634 (Brownsview Lane). In 1/2 mile, there is a gray building on the right, the Hope Chapel Deliverance Center, with a gravel road on the right side as shown on the topo. HP #2 is just into the flat woods just south of the road. HP #3 is at the bend in the road and into the woods (not obvious), while HP #4 appeared to be to the right of the road.

Point #5 (37:07:12,67:49:37): Continue on 634 to the end and turn right onto County 626 (Beechland Road). Just before the obvious cemetery on the right, there is a pull-off with a dirt road on the left. The HP looked to be in the middle of the field west-northwest of the house.

five points near Savedge (Savedge Quad)

Points #6 (37:08:51,77:01:39), #7 (37:08:53,77:01:36), #8 (37:08:55,77:01:29), and #9 (37:08:52,77:01:40): From point #5, continue west on 626 until reaching VA 10. Turn left and go 8 miles to the intersection with VA 40 in Spring Grove. Turn south on 40 for 3.1 miles and turn right onto County 611 (Salisbury Road). Note that 611 as shown on the topo is incorrect. The south end no longer comes directly into Savedge. In 8/10 mile there is a gated dirt road across from the mailbox for #6940. The first part of the road points pretty much at the easternmost of these four points. The area has been logged and was swampy in places. Wander around until satisfaction is accomplished four times. I thought the northwest point was just into the woods.

Point #10 (37:08:06,77:01:14): Head back to VA 40 and to south for 4/10 mile to Savedge. There you will see where 611 used to come into 40. This road is now dirt. Walk up the dirt road past a noisy dog kennel and find the HP at the edge of the field on the left.

four points south of Savedge (Savedge and Waverly Quads)

Points #11 (37:07:43,77:01:46), #12 (37:07:25,77:01:33), #13 (37:07:22),77:01:31), and #14 (27:07:17,77:01:41): Continue south on 40 for 7/10 mile to the (obvious) Pierce Family Cemetery. To the west of 40 is a gated dirt road posted by the Sheffield Hunt Club. HP #11 is north and ever so slightly east of the (second) bend in the road. When you get just about back to the car, head southwest at the (first) bend in the road. This will take you right between HP #12 and HP #13. Number 14 is out there but it is indistinct.

eight points northeast of Barham (Savedge Quad)

Points #15 (37:09:03,77:04:48), #16 (37:08:36,77:04:43), #17 (37:08:18,77:04:45), #18 (37:08:46,77:04:47), #19 (37:08:49,77:05:06), #20 (37:09:02,77:05:08), #21 (37:09:06,77:05:05), and #22 (37:09:04,77:04:57): Go back north on 40 to Savedge and turn left onto County 608 (Oak Hill Road). Go 3.4 miles to the "T" with County 602 (forgot to write down the name), go left and park at 4.2 miles and the 114 BM. There should be a yellow gate on the right. You get to walk from here. Fire Trail No 306 is gated at the "Y" intersection, so this is as good a place as any to start.

Go south on FR306. HP #15 is in the woods on the right and is reasonably obvious. At the "Y", stay to the right. The road will go over #16. Continue on FR306 to an obvious dirt road east just before the 122 spot elevation. The first part of the road points right at HP #17, although this point is indistinct.

Come back to the FR306 "Y" where there will be a signed "Fire Trail" (the dashed line on the topo). Go left on this very straight road. Number 18 is to the left of the road into the woods, although this point is not much higher than the road. Continue to the open area at the top of the obvious rise. HP #19 (the 132 spot elevation) is out in the field someplace but you are going to have to look for it. This area has been logged and replanted with 2-3 foot high white pine and may not be over 130 any more.

Back at the Fire Trail, #20 is at the obvious high spot. Continue to County 602 and turn right. The HP of #21 looked to be on the berm just to the south of 602. For point #22, continue on 602 until the slight curve in the road. There is a small, overgrown woods road. I thought the highest point was in the general direction the "road" went. Back onto 602 and to the car. I did not find the 114 BM, although the pier that once held it was mostly there.

Point #23 (37:09:26,77:05:42): Back into car and continue for a half mile until you meet the "Fire Trail" (FT) again. Walk on the FT to the 4-way dirt road intersection at the 118 spot elevation. The road going north is shown on the map but is gone in real life. Walk up the dirt road/FT to the obvious rise then northeast into the woods to this HP.

With all this said, I have a problem with this point. Standing at the 118 point, I expected at least 12 feet of relief. But the highest point in the road was only slightly higher than me (6 feet). Thus, the road probably doesn't get higher than 125. In addition, the former north road should go up fairly abruptly. It does not. I seriously doubt this point exceeds 130 feet.

point 24 - northeast of Barham at (37:08:55,77:06:24)

Back into the car for 1.2 miles. There is a gated building I took to be a hunt club on the right. No documentation. The HP is in the open field behind the building.

point 25 - SE of Laurel Springs Crossroad (Disputanta Quad) at (37:07:11, 77:07:32)

From the previous point, continue south on 602 and in 3.2 miles turn left onto County 601 (Laurel Road). In 4/10 mile, just past #5206, there is a red gated dirt road that takes you very close to the HP.

I have no idea which point is the highest.

Other than the first five points just outside Surry, I would seriously avoid this county during hunting season. If it rained heavily the previous day, you are going to get your feet wet in some of the marshy areas of this county.