Sussex County High Point Trip Report

three areas 1/2 mile SSW to 1/2 mile NW of Concord Church (270+ ft)

Date: November 4, 2001
Author: Roy Wallen

As usual, Mike Schwartz's directions are excellent. However, there have been changes to the topography since his report earlier in the year. The northernmost area is now a construction site. The site is so new that the steps to the site offices haven't yet been completed. The dirt road from the large tree south of the county line is blocked by mounds of dirt. In addition, the road was very sandy and a bit difficult to negotiate in a passenger car (but Japanese cars work fine here). Alternative directions follow. Using the topo of the area is strongly recommended as the area is likely subject to more change.

Immediately south of the county line crossing CR 619 is a new road that leads to a construction site. Turn right onto the site. At the time of my visit, site offices were located on the apparent high ground. There has been quite a bit of dirt moved in this area and other areas to the south and west are higher but man-made. The site office appears to be the highest ground for the northern area. The construction area was surrounded by silt dams which were outside the other, natural high areas to the south.

To reach the middle and southern areas, travel south from the county line on CR 619 to 0.9 mile to CR 616 and turn right onto this gravel road (also marked as College Road). At 0.2 mile, turn right onto a dirt track marked by a pair of mailboxes, past a house (where the southernmost point is located). The location of high ground on the road in front of the house provides an opportunity for true Martinization.

The dirt track turns left then right to the middle area at the edge of open woods. Using a water bottle as a site level, the central area, which is also the largest of the three, appears to be highest. Walking around in this flat terrain is a requirements for feeling comfortable that the true highpoint has been visited.