Tazewell County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 14, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

I enjoyed this hike a lot. I loved the way the pieces fitted together. I put ribbon at spot where rusty fence line meets road and another at weak spot where I hit SE Maiden ridge (2 to give direction on the return descent). Found Maiden No. 1 BM 1933 OK.

The trail between Maiden and the rock outcropping is very poor, but from the rock outcrops to the 4680+ HP is wide and open enough for ATV's or snowmobiles. I'm guessing people wanted to end up at the rock outcrop coming up from Hutchinson Rock. The 4,680+ ft spot is graced with 2 conifers, as is easily proved by approaching them both from the SSW and going further down the path, turning around, and approaching from Hutchinson side.

I climbed one of these trees and got a view with my hand level back at Maiden. It's not even a close call. Maiden is a LOT higher. My eyes were 10-15 feet above the ground and still my level was looking into the SIDE of Maiden, well below where the highest trees could have had their roots. I thought that open grassy "swag" was an amazing area. Whole hike: 6.25 hours. Sure was glad I used the ribbons, and picked them up on the way back.