Tazewell County High Point Trip Report

BM "Maiden" on Garden Mtn (4,710 ft)

Date: February 10, 2004
Author: Ryan Richardson

The route described by Freb Lobdell, which involves crossing an electric fence and hiking an old road, should not be used. The land on the other side of the fence is private property and the landowner does not want highpointers on his land. The small house that Ron Tagliapietra guessed was National Forest (NF) owned is, in fact, also part of this man's property, and the landowner uses it as a hunting shed in the fall.

Note that the summit of Garden Mountain is in the Jefferson National Forest, so it is still accessible. To get there, follow Fred Lobdell's directions until you reach the electric fence, and then follow the fence to the left. There is no need to ever cross the fence. Essentially you just follow the National Forest border all the way over the top of the 4280+ knob, and continue to the north. The topozone map appears to show that the 4167 point in the "swag" that Ron mentions is on the NF border. In fact, as the markings on the trees indicate, the NF border is west of the entire swag area. The forest border runs east of BM Maiden, so at some point you will have to head northwest and ascend the fairly steep hillside towards the summit.

I would recommend returning the way you came to avoid private property.