Virginia Beach City High Point Trip Report

Date: February 28, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

three tiny areas 1/2 mile WSW Old Cape Henry Lighthouse (85+ ft)

Enter Fort Story off US 60 (Ocean Drive or Atlantic Avenue) from the east or west. The gates are usually not manned, but an always possible, unannounced I.D. check would require obtaining permission to visit, probably not too difficult since the touristy old lighthouse in on Fort Story. Check the map at the gate and choose a route to Hospital Road. At its junction with Al Jubyal go uphill to the crest and park at building B-813. Several large bunkers have been dug into the hill from Al Jubyal. Scramble up the hill on one of the use paths and wander the crest, a tangle of vines and brambles. There are several bumps, but I thought the highest ground was just south of the square tower building visible to the east. The ridge was rough going in February, and would very difficult once the foliage leafs out in spring and summer.

"Mysterious" area 3/8 mile south of Old Cape Henry Lighthouse (85-100 ft?)

This area, footnoted in the high points book, because its index contour is incorrectly drawn, needs to be promoted to the main listing. It appears at least as high, if not higher, than the other area. From the Hospital Road/Al Jubyal intersection, go east 0.4 miles on Hospital Road to a sharp right turn onto First Landing Road. Drive to the crest and park opposite bunker #605. Scramble up the equally-tangled vegetation to the ridge crest, with highest ground about 200 feet to the right (south). After visiting this area, I climbed the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse ($2.00) and hand leveled toward both hills. I thought the "mystery" area was higher.