Virginia Beach City Highpoint Trip Report

four areas (85+ ft)

Date: May 11, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

Previous reports about Fort Story access are still valid. They give your vehicle the once over but you get a mimeo'd map to get you to the lighthouse (follow your nose).

The lighthouse is now $3.00 for access and is open at 10AM (until 4 or 5 depending on the season). I recommend going to it first since it clearly shows that the mystery area is higher.

For the mystery area, First Landing Road comes off of Atlantic Boulevard. Follow your nose up. There were various antennae so I did not linger for the finer points of the view which may or may not have been available.

For the three areas west-southwest of the lighthouse, follow previous directions. There are LOTS of signs warning about explosives. Since I had already determined this was not the highest areas, my time on top was minimal.