Waynesboro City High Point Trip Report

one area 1 mile east of Berkeley Glenn School (1,740+ ft)

Date: August 16, 2001
Author: Mike Schwartz

Take exit 96 off I-64, signed for CR 624, which is Delphine Avenue, and go NE about 1.6 miles to an electrical substation on the right. This is opposite a Dupont plant. Just past the substation, go right onto Twelfth Street, which looks like a concrete driveway, and go uphill to where the street turns sharply left and becomes South Winchester. I parked there, and spoke to the residents of house #344, who said that people hike in the area all the time, and warned me to beware of snakes. My offer to bring one back was politely declined. At the curve, see a gated, unposted, track road that leads above the substation to two power line rights-of-way. Hike the track road and follow the right-of-way of the right hand power line steeply uphill. As it crests just west of spot elevation 1738, enter the woods, gain the ridge line, and follow it to the southeast. After reaching a low saddle, the ridge curves SSW, and shortly thereafter, look for a foot-high concrete monument near a rusty Dupont sign on the city side of the ridge. Follow gentle grades to the high point knob. There is a new swath cut through the woods to the SW of the knob that may indicate the city/county line.

Time to summit: about 25 minutes.