Waynesboro City High Point Trip Report

Glenn School (1,740+ ft)

Date: January 31, 2002
Author: Dale Millsap

As an alternate, take exit 99 from I-64 and follow 250 around into town, turning left on Delphine. Turn left on 11th Street, follow it uphill until it makes a hard left and park on the street. There is a chain gate at the corner.

About 100 yards beyond the gate is a quarry. Scramble up the back side of the quarry and bushwhack 100 yards through the woods to the power line right-of-way that Mike Schwartz mentions. At the crest, take to the woods and stick to the ridge line. Pass over one small hump and through a little saddle. Continue to follow the ridge a short distance uphill. I found the foot-high concrete marker and the sign "Attention - No Trespassing - Dupont Co." but it was unclear which way the property line actually runs, as there is no fence and I found no other sign. Dupont is downhill to the northwest, so I assume they might own the property up to the ridge line.

Not far beyond the marker is the highpoint hump. The swath to the southwest is a puzzlement, because it looks like it was cut several years ago, but nothing has been done since. There are trees and stumps still lying all over. Perhaps it was done to facilitate surveying, or maybe it will be a new power line right-of-way.