Williamsburg City High Point Trip Report

two areas at northwestern and southwestern borders of city (100+ ft)

Date: January 17, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

Southern Area: From the junction of VA 5/31/199 in southern Williamsburg, go northeast on 5/31 about 1/4 mile to a left (west) onto John Tyler Highway. This is the "red" road shown on the topo running mostly south of the 100-foot contour. The road running through the contour, Berkeley Lane, has no access onto VA 31. After about 1/4 mile on John Tyler, go right on Mill Neck Road and take this to the junction with Berkeley Lane in the center of the 100-foot contour. High ground is at or near this junction. Also follow Berkeley Lane west across Tyler Lane and wander around the professional center, where there is more high ground.

Northern Area: This large contour is not as bad as it looks. From the southern area, take the new VA 199 bypass north and west of Williamsburg. Exit right (east) onto CR 612/Longhill Road, bear right at 0.1 mile, and enter the city limits at 0.6 mile. The first of several relatively high areas is found very soon at the parking lot of the Church of God on the right.

Next, go left onto Governor Berkeley Road and see high ground along the south side of the road.

Back on Longhill Road, continue to the vicinity of the high school, another relatively high area. At the intersection with Ironbond Road, go sharply right (west) and go as far as the State Hospital grounds, out of the city. This covers the western spur of the contour, and I did not observe any high ground of note, but did walk onto the high school property to be sure.

Backtrack east on Ironbond all the way to US 60, and see high ground near that junction. I followed US 60 north out of the city, but saw no high ground. Taking US 60 south from the Ironbond junction, there is high ground off the right (west) side of the highway.

At this point, the entire portion of the 100-foot contour inside the city limits will have been visible from the roads described above and nearby side streets. I have no idea where the absolute highest ground is located, but by parking and walking onto all candidate areas, one can be assured of visiting the city high point.