Williamsburg City Highpoint Trip Report

Dates: March 11 and 13, 2004
Author: Chip Clark

On March 11 and 13 I visited the southern and northern Williamsburg high contours, respectively. I followed Mike Schwartz's previous trip report.

For the southern contour, I was unable to determine if the highest point was in the middle (or near the middle) of the junction of Mill Neck Road and Berkeley Lane or at the large oak tree 50 feet southwest of the intersection of John Tyler Road and Professional Drive. I liked the oak tree location at NAD83 (37°15'30" N, 76°44'7.3" W), but the other point was out of site around the corner.

For the northern contour, I visited the same areas Mike visited. The GPS was unable to discern differences in elevation. Behind the Church of God on Longhill Road I found an arc-shaped hill, that could be one of the Civil-war era forts or maybe not -- no one was around to verify. But it is definitely artificial. A new area I checked out was on the west side of Route 60 a little north of the junction with Ironbound Road. There was a large area that might not have been cleared when Mike visited, now occupied by a Marriott Residence Inn, a Spring Hill Suites, and a Hilton Garden Inn. The center of that area seemed to be the highest point around, and you could see some distance on all sides, but that point is suspiciously in the middle of the area, and may have been manufactured to provide drainage for the extensive parking area. However, it does have a Haagen Dazs several yards away so it is an attractive candidate for the HP.