Williamsburg City Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 15, 2004
Author: Don Desrosiers

Ah, Williamsburg, from the ancient Anasazi word meaning "Land of many pancake and waffle houses."

For the southern area, Route 199 is exit 242 from I-64. Take it west for 5.2 miles to Jamestown Road, where you will turn right. I agree with Mike Schwartz that the professional center oak was the most promising point but would not be disappointed with the Mill Neck/Berkeley intersection.

To get to the northern area, I came back east on 199 and hit US 60 west. Follow it until you come to the appropriate area. I am with Mike and have no idea on the absolute HP. Wander around until satisfaction is accomplished.

As a side note, it is rumored that the lights in Williamsburg were personally synchronized by Thomas Jefferson using a sundial and an hourglass. I saw no evidence to refute this.