Williamsburg City Highpoint Trip Report

two unnamed areas (100+ ft)

Date: June 12, 2007
Author: Fred Lobdell

I largely followed previous reports. There are two areas in Williamsburg that top 100 feet in elevation, a smaller southern area and a much larger northern area.

Southern area: I visited both the intersection of Mill Neck Road and Berkeley Drive and the area near the professional center. Like Chip Clark, I especially liked the latter area. The high ground seemed to be between the parking area and John Tyler Highway, at the base of one or another of the sizable trees. However, as noted in earlier reports, there is no way of knowing if this really is the high point of the southern area.

Northern area: I tried to follow Mike Schwartz's directions. When he says "bear right at 0.1 mile", he really means bear left. I stopped at the Church of God and explored the parking area, which contained the highest ground in the immediate vicinity. I then continued on Longhill Road to Governor Berkeley Road. I turned left and drove the length of the road, being rather discouraged by the number of front lawns that seemed to be about equally high. Probably out of desperation, I came back on Gov. Berkeley and crossed Longhill to the next intersection, a couple of hundred feet beyond Longhill. Here I turned left and stopped, where I had a clear view back up Gov. Berkeley whence I had come and ahead of me on Lewis Robert Lane, which ended in a cul-de-sac. To me, it seemed fairly obvious that the ground in front of me was somewhat higher than that along Gov. Berkeley Road, so I offer the following amendment to Mike's report:

From the Church of God, continue up Longhill Road to Governor Berkeley Road. Turn right and go two to three hundred feet to the first intersection which is Lewis Robert Lane. Turn left and pause for an overview of your situation. It was apparent to me that the highest ground was ahead up Lewis Robert. The highest ground appeared to be on the front lawn of the house that is second or third from the end on the left. I think the number was 114 but wouldn't bet much on it. This is a quick touch and go.

I then proceeded up Longhill to the high school mentioned in Mike's report. My impression was that I was driving slightly downhill from the intersection of Longhill and Gov. Berkeley. Consequently, I don't think the high school grounds are a serious contender for Williamsburg' s HP.

The other area I checked out was that mentioned in Chip Clark's report as containing several new motels and other businesses. This area is on the west side of US 60 north of the intersection with Ironbound Road. There is a distinct rise of several feet (maybe close to 10 feet) to the center of the parking area. Chip's suggestion that this was for the purpose of drainage is perfectly reasonable but I think that it is likely that the builders took advantage of a natural rise here. The drainage would work quite as well with less than half as much rise and I don't think there would have been any point in trucking in that much fill just to build that small hill. So I think that there was likely a small rise there that was used by the builders. Unfortunately, a natural surface is hard to come by. Most of the area is paved and what's not paved has almost certainly been landscaped.

On this warm June day, I did take advantage of the Haagen Dazs mentioned by Chip. As others did, I drove most of the streets in this area but saw no other areas worth stopping for.