Wise County High Point Trip Report

High Knob (4,223 ft)

Date: June 10, 2001
Author: Fred Lobdell

Previous trip reports are accurate. However, there was a discrepancy to be resolved. The topographic map shows an elevation of 4,223 ft., but a sign on the summit observation tower gives the elevation of only 4,165 ft. This is important because a half mile east, still in Wise County, is a 4,180-ft contour surrounding some communications tower. So Bob Packard used his hand level to good effect, and we concluded that the ground at High Knob is probably around 30 feet or so higher than the ground by the towers. Thus, it would appear that the topographic map is correct, and the sign is in error. Therefore, it should only be necessary to visit the observation tower. I should mention, if you want to be absolutely safe, that the communication tower area is a drive-up less than 5 minutes from High Knob.