Wise County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 21, 2004
Author: Patrick Craft

I planned to ride my bike up High Knob. Someone had warned me the climb was steep with some pitches at 16%, OUCH! (I didn't remember it being that steep in the car.) I changed into my riding clothes after my business and proceeded on my ride. That was one steep hill to climb. I felt like Jan Ulrich trying to grind my 23 tooth cog.

Took a side trip to Flag Rock, mainly to take a break as I was at 105% maximum heart ate on the climb. Closer to the top, the road leveled and climbed again, though less steeply. Made it to the parking lot, took off my cleats and walked up to the tower. Although it was a little hazy, the view was outstanding. I laid down, let my legs rest and soak up some sun. I rested a while and then headed down, albeit much faster than going up. Did some calculating later and discovered the first 2 miles climb at a gradient of 9.3%, the total climb at 8.2%.