Caledonia County High Point Trip Report

Signal Mtn (3,360+ ft)

Date: August 11, 2003
Authors: Trapper Robbins and Roxanne Everett

We followed Fred's good route description. A few additional details follow.

(1) No one was home so we couldn't get permission. After talking to a few locals, we gambled and parked at the obvious space 100 yards before the gate (no parking and no trespassing signs) and left a polite note to the owner on our car. There was no indication that anyone noticed our vehicle (mid-day on a Monday). Use your own judgment.

(2) At the 3-way junction after the gate (1/4-mile maybe?), the main gravel road bends right uphill now (looks new, not shown on USGS map). Go STRAIGHT here (not on the main gravel road) and traverse east on the north side of Colby Hill. Here is a Topozone link for this junction.

(3) The swampy stream on the east side of Colby Hill can be crossed on a beaver dam.

(4) BM Harris 2 (3352 feet) is on a flat, 5-foot wide rock. The BM is NOT on the summit; continue east-southeast a few hundred feet gently uphill to the register. (We were the 3rd register entries for 2003.)

Signal and Butterfield are two of the harder VT cohps. They are rarely climbed and if you are not used to eastern bushwhacking, you may find them tedious.