Chittenden County Highpoint Trip Report

Mt Mansfield (4,393 ft) and Adams Apple (4,200+ ft)

Date: February 6, 2005
Author: Brennan Connelly

winter approach via Long Trail from VT 108 road closure at Stowe Resort

I had the pleasure of an abnormally warm (45 F) and sunny day to knock of these summits on the roof of VT. I parked at the winter road closure of VT 108 at the last Stowe Resort entrance and hiked 0.25 mile up 108 to get to the Long Trail southbound. The trail is pretty well packed down all winter, although it does get quite icy. I used crampons, while others used snowshoes or just boots. I highly recommend the crampons, particularly on the steep stretches.

Follow the Long Trail past the shelter at 3600 feet and to the trail junction on the saddle between Mansfield and the Apple. The Apple is only 0.1 mile to the north on a spur. Mansfield is an easy 0.3 mile and 500 feet from the junction. The summit was clear of snow and was perfect for a nap in the sun.

This is probably the easiest and fastest winter approach for VT's HP. Round trip hiking time was 2.5 hours as I was slowed by the snow. I figure a quick hiker could probably do this in the summer in easily less than 1.5 hours (50 up and 25 down). Thankfully, the summit road is closed in the winter. I'd hate to see this peak in the summer tourist season.

Hike statistics: approximately 5 miles round trip, with maybe 2,500 feet of elevation gain (wasn't keeping track).