Essex County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 16, 2008
Author: Scott Cockrell

There was a description just a week or so before my trip. I can't add much except a more precise description of Victory Road. It has eroded to where it is asphalt with a double yellow line with 1/2 car width on either side, then a 3-4 foot drop-off on either side to a gully several feet wide. I drove into Gallup Mills that way. Leaving Gallup Mills, I followed the dirt road the other way, through Granby and found it in good condition.

Also, on Radar Road, I found the gate 4 1/2 miles in locked, so I walked 4 miles up the remaining road. There were a couple of places it might have been difficult for my 1991 Camry to get over some partial washouts, so I don't mind the walk. East Mountain must be the ugliest mountain in the Northeast, with all the rusting corrugated sheet metal and steel framework on top and more of the same halfway up.