Franklin County Highpoint Trip Report

Big Jay Pk

Date: July 29, 2008
Author: Andy Martin

This is the scene of an interesting environmental controversy.

From the Green Mountain Club web site: "In the late 1990's Jay Peak Resort illegally widened the herd path to Big Jay by cutting with chainsaws. This violation was settled when Jay Peak Resort made a public apology, took some remedial measures, and agreed to pay $8,000."

This trail made it easier for skiers to go down the off trail Powder on Big Jay, and come out at route 242.

In July 2007 two skiers decided to "improve" things further, and cut hundreds of trees on the east slope of Big Jay to make their own ski run. They are waiting trial, with possible jail time. They can claim insanity - anyone who works that hard on their outdoor recreation is clearly nuts.

Access to Big Jay from Jay Peak was closed last winter. The sign reads in part: "... Access to Big Jay from Jay Peak Resort has been closed for 2007-2008 by agreement between Jay Peak resort, the Green Mountain Club, and the State of VT. Access is allowed from Route 242..."

Not sure what this means for hikers in summer but a bushwhack up from 242 will be no picnic, especially if you take care to avoid the newly cut swath.

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