Grand Isle County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 21, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

one area 1 1/2 miles northeast of Grand Isle (270+ ft)

I took the ferry from Cumberland Island to Gordon Landing on the west shore of South Hero Island, then took VT 314 north and east to US 2. Go north on US 2 (officially US 2 westbound) 2.7 miles and turn right (east) onto Faywood Road/TH 9. At 3.3 total miles, turn right (south) onto the dirt Loverslane Road/TH 10. Drive 0.4 mile to a crest, pass driveway #36, and reach a woods road that was blocked by a yellow plastic rope, and which had a blank white wooden sign at the entrance. Park along the main road as best you can. I walked the woods road east and uphill into the unposted woods and onto high ground at the southwestern bulge of the large 270+ foot contour. This was at a tree near trash and wigwam poles. The tree had a thermometer attached, as well as some climbing spikes. A house is some 100 yards north. Using GPS, I followed the low ridge north, passing its narrow neck, then reaching the northernmost bulge, again behind some houses, and with more than one candidate bump. Hand leveling north to south is impossible. I felt that the southwestern bump was the highest, but the entire contour needs to be visited to be sure. Bring mosquito repellent in season.

one area 1 1/2 miles southwest of South Hero (279 ft)

From the southern junction of US 2 and VT 314, drive 1.5 miles south (officially eastbound) on US 2 and turn right (southwest) onto Tracy Road. There may have been a road relocation here, as the roads on the ground didn't seem to match Delorme or the topo. Once on Tracy Road, ignore the first fork to the right onto Station Road at 0.2 mile, staying left on Tracy. Do bear right (west) onto Station Road (!) another 0.5 mile further on. Go 0.9 mile, then turn left (south) onto West Shore Road another 0.9 mile and park in the lot for the Snowfarm Vineyard. One of the proprietors, Marilyn, remembered previous highpointers and graciously granted permission to park and hike northeast up the hill. Work your way into the woods and angle uphill through easy mixed woods to an unmarked, wooded summit at a slight ridge line. Great views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks from West Shore Road.