Grande Isle County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 21, 2008
Author: Edward Earl

I followed Mike Schwartz's report and found it to be accurate, but a couple of things deserve mention.

For the north area (the one near Grand Isle), Lovers Lane was not signed; I identified it by correlating the map, the field, and Mike's report.

The 270' contour is long and skinny, running north-south, with a bulge at each end. Both ends harbor a possible HP. I parked on the road near the south end, visited it, and then hiked through the woods to the north end. As I neared the possible HP, I encountered a man and a woman chopping wood in the woods near the houses. They were friendly and knew that the Grand Isle HP was nearby. They said that the sign for Lovers Lane frequently disappears because every teenager wants it in his bedroom. The man said he thought the highest ground was on a hill next to one of the houses (not theirs; they said it was owned by someone named Bob and that he probably wouldn't mind if I went there). After some careful eye-level sighting, I agreed that this hill is higher than anyplace in the woods. The highest ground is in a tree-shaded grassy area just off of a small gravel road, which may have really been just a driveway.

Since this HP candidate is by a road, I decided to investigate how one would drive to it. About 0.1 mile beyond the junction of Faywood and Lovers Lane, as Faywood turns 45 left, another road called Old Town Lane branches off on the south side of Faywood. All side roads of Old Town are private drives and I never found the HP from this approach. It may be easier to reach this HP this way than by walking through the woods, but I'll leave it up to future highpointers to investigate this possibility, which will probably involve knocking on some doors.