Grand Isle County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 9, 2008
Author: Scott Cockrell

On Grand Isle, the southern HP was a lot like the descriptions. I bought a bottle of wine from the nice lady at the vineyard and got permission. When I asked her if it was OK she said "I knew you were going to ask that!"

The woods are indeed full of maple lines, they do indeed lead uphill and seem to circle around the top, where there are 2-3 likely bumps. Don't follow the maple lines back downhill. They lead to the house uphill from the vineyard. You want to reverse your compass course to come back where you started.

The northern HP was a little trickier. None of the descriptions worked just right but there is a gravel road to the left from Loverslane just before the house #36 and right across from another driveway on the other side of the street. The gravel road goes straight into the woods for 100 yards or so to what looks like a brand new water tank with a fence around it. There is just enough room for 1-2 cars to park without blocking the gate to the fence. If you bushwhack straight into the woods from the back right corner of the fence, you hit the end of a woods road only 20-30 yards into the woods. The woods road leads back in to where it is really easy to climb up the 20 feet or so to the highest topographical line. Then you just explore and find as many bumps as you can. There is no street sign at the start of Loverslane. I imagine the local teenagers have several of them.